How to choose wood paints?



  When choosing materials for painting wood, it is extremely important to pay attention to the following factors:


  • Wood species - for supporting structures (rafters, floors, walls), coniferous species are usually used, and for interior decoration - hardwood or valuable wood species;


  • The operating conditions of wooden structures (for example, the presence of high humidity);


  • The possibility and methods of pre-treatment of wooden structures before installation;


  • Possibility of reprocessing;


  • Paint compatibility with previous coatings.


Materials for painting wood


In appearance, paints and varnishes can be divided into two groups: transparent coatings and opaque paints.


Transparent coatings are protective glazes, coatings and varnishes. They may contain pigment additives and reveal the natural structure of the wood.


Opaque paints include paints based on organic solvents (alkyd, acrylic, oil, perchlorovinyl, polyurethane) and water-dispersed acrylic paints.

Among paints based on organic solvents, the most popular are alkyd, acrylic and polyurethane paints.



They are popular due to the high quality of coatings, simplicity and ease of use.

  The widely known acrylic varnishes and paints are actively used for interior and exterior painting of a wide variety of wooden structures.

The peculiarity of these paints is low water resistance, due to which moisture fluctuations have little effect on the wooden elements covered with them.

That is why alkyd paints are used to paint window frames, doors, floors, that is, precisely those elements that should not change their parameters under the influence of moisture.


For painting wood and wood, Paint Technology recommends the following materials:


TechnoPlast 20 - facade paint for outdoor use.

TechnoWood 50 - paint for wooden floors.

TechnoWood Priemer 20 - acrylic varnish for wood. 

TechnoWood Lasur - antiseptic wood paint for outdoor use.

TechnoWood Priemer - weatherproof protective and decorative antiseptic.

TechnoWood Paint - wood painting.



Paints for outdoor woodwork should be resistant to the negative effects of atmospheric phenomena and biological factors. One of such materials is a protective and decorative acrylic paint on wood TechnoWood Paint. TechnoWood Paint, a ready-to-use plastic coating for paints, is intended for painting wood and wood, which are used both indoors and outdoors.


Painted wooden surfaces are highly resistant to aggressive environmental effects (UV radiation, acid-base precipitation), and synthetic detergents.



TechnoWood Lasur paint is recommended for industrial painting of wood, for painting wooden houses and structures, country houses and garden houses, log and cladding facades, wooden structures and buildings, fences, gates, poles, wooden supports and beams, window frames, doors, and any wooden surfaces subject to increased wear.

The ease of use of wood paints, long service life and absolute maintainability in combination with low cost make the use of TechnoWood Lasur plastic paint economically feasible and beneficial for the consumer.


You can find out more about TechnoWood Lasur paint and wood painting (wood coloring, painting wooden houses, wood facade paint) on our website.